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JE T'AIME 4-10

JE T'AIME 4-11

We heard rumours of JE T'AIME stencils in Montreal, and they were true. The artist, Gabriel Viau-Hernandez, of Les Productions Je T'aime was interviewed by La Voix Pop about a show of his JE T'AIME paintings in March, 2008. StupendousWoman, a Montreal blogger wrote:

"I suspect this is not a personal message painted all over town by an enthralled lover. No: I suspect it is an outright love attack (we just enjoy weird and quirky commandos here). But whoever this message was initally destined to, heck, I'll take it. Perverting all public attempts at cleanliness, righteousness, and general blandness with a very legible I love you. Damn. I don't know about you, but it makes me smile."

Images of paintings courtesy of the artist.

Interview With Gabriel Viau-Hernandez
In March 2007, I had the great pleasure of asking Gabriel Viau-Hernandez a few questions over email.

SHARON HARRIS: How did you approach the series of JE T'AIME? Did you paint one graffito, like it, and continue? Or was it set out in your mind as a series?

GABRIEL VIAU-HERNANDEZ: i started it with little stickers that i would post on bus stops, indication signs...well, everywhere people needed to stop for a brief moment, so they could realize that someone out there loves them...

after a while, i wanted to make it bigger, so i made myself a stencil of love...i also wanted to tell someone that i loved her...(in which case she did love me back, we are now engaged and have a baby boy of 7 months!!!) so the project began increasing...

basically, i wanted to tell the people of Montreal that whoever they were, i loved them.

no matter what they did, no matter how was there day, if they took the time to look around them, they would read 'JE T'AIME'...

that's how the project began !

it's only after a little while that i started putting the 'JE T'AIME' in my paintings...
in this side of the project, i wanted to use it in stronger way...

so it was my idea to make a series out of it, first i wanted to make 9...and after i did them, i wanted to continue, so i did!


How many times have you stenciled JE T'AIME? Did the repetition of this message of love affect you in any way? If yes, how?

i believe there are more than a hundred JE T'AIME ! i spent many nights lurking the streets of Montreal, looking for the perfect places...

often people would ask me to go to their "woods," so there would be a few JE T'AIME in sight...

making so many JE T'AIME all over the city did change my life a lot! in some kind of strange way.

people come to in the bars to tell me that they love me!
that was strange! (because i'm not the kind of guy who will spread the word out there)...

the repetition is what brought the JE T'AIME in my paintings... since i wanted the words to have impact, i just added them one over the other... and i believe that this repetition gives an edge to the words...

When did you start painting JE T'AIME? Why JE T'AIME?

i started including JE T'AIME in my paintings about the same time i started the whole project...

i was fooling around with one painting...trying to find something new...and then it hit me!

a BooM of love!!!

i took my stencil and there it was...the industrialization of the love! i realized that love is now so much more than what it should be...

love is a i over used it...
like everything just lost itself...and by so...the JE T'AIME just kind of blurred itself with so many layers of it...!

When did you start stenciling JE T'AIME in the streets of Montreal?

i started stenciling the JE T'AIME on the streets of Montreal 2 years and a half I think

actually i used to write all over the place...!
(i'm sorry, but i wont say my writer's name...)

i've been doing it for the last 10 years!

i always thought that the street war was something pretty stupid...
so in the last few years, i was looking for a thing that seemed to be missing in my!

and i said to myself that it's truly what every one is looking for...
so as i was thinking these thoughts, i told myself: why not spread the good words...!
i ain't no believer...but from what i understand of life, just one good thought can change a life!

so with some luck, maybe someone out there felt a little better after seeing one JE T'AIME!